Triple8 RD Wristsaver

$ 30.00

Like the Wristsaver 2, Triple8's RD Wristsaver is of the pull-on variety. I like these. It's basically the WS2, beefed up for more rigorous protection and wear/tear as is applied in roller derby. The palm splint is thicker, wider, and more rounded to more broadly cover the palm and base of thumb. Both front and back splints are also lined with extra padding between themselves and your hand, softening the points of contact and absorbing a good amount of force. The entire inside is lined with Sweatsaver terrycloth, as is a section on the back of the hand for wiping your sweaty face.

Not gonna lie, they are tough to get on and off when they're new, but that eases up after a couple of wears. And they will hold moisture and get funky real quick if you don't care for them properly. To air them out between practices, I stuff them with a small hand towel for the ride home, then when I unpack my bag I remove the towel and hang them so they are not folded flat. They will dry overnight or in a few hours in good air circulation this way. Once dried, a spritz of Notorious RED ensures that they will be minty fresh the next time I put them on. (Spray can be applied to gear when wet too, but I'm finding that it absorbs better into dry pads, rather than evaporating along with my sweat).

And hey, you get $1 off a bottle with every new protective gear purchase.

Wristsavers Sizing Guidelines:
To ensure a perfect wrist guard fit, measure hand circumference at the knuckles and match to the sizes listed below:
S 7.5 – 8.0 inches
M 8.0 – 9.0 inches
L 9.0 – 10.0 inches