Bones Swiss Precision Bearings

$ 110.00

You want the best, because you live your best. You understand that whatever material separates your body from the Earth better be some damn quality goods, especially when you're doing what you love most- Skating. You take care of these items because you value that pure kinetic connection, and you want to make it last forever.

These are for you.

Take it from me. Since I started skating Bones Swiss, the only reason I have ever bought additional sets is to have multiple sets for my wheel collection, or loaned a few out and (not surprisingly) never got them back. Otherwise they're all still rolling like new, even after 10+ years.These are THE fastest, THE longest lasting, THE highest quality bearing I have ever met. You could upgrade to the Bones Labrynths for the extra shield (both sides instead of one each bearing), but honestly if you just take good care of your shit these will last you just as long. (Mouse)