187 Pro Derby Knee Pads

$ 80.00 $ 89.99

I dub these the un-retireables. Before this product hit the market, I considered the unconsiderable. And then I tried these on, and realized that with the help of properly fitted and adequately padded gear, my knees have many, many more years of skating to do. 187 collected and applied some very thoughtful feedback directly from and for the derby community in  designing these pads. From the hinging sections for better fit with movement, to the tapered width better suited to crossovers, to the dual-density removable foam core (for washing liner separately) which feels like PILLOWS, right down to some spare tabs you can put over the scratchy side of the Velcro so that they don't damage your other clothes in the wash- these guys listened and delivered. There are other pads on the market that I will point you toward if you don't like these, but for now the Pro Derby kneepads are the exclusive choice of 608 Skate for all the reasons above, and more. You may even try a pair out at practice and do some good, hard falls on them before you decide.

Sizing guide is pictured, based on circumference at the knee. Obviously quad and calf sizes vary for everyone, so trying on is the truest path to the proper fit.

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