187 Elbow Pads

$ 30.00 $ 32.95

One of two elbow pad varieties currently stocked by 608 Skate. (Of course there are more out there than these 2, and I will expand my offerings in the future to suit wider needs. Until then am happy to special order your preferred choice if I can get it, or point you toward another shop that does.) Here's what I got for now!

Honestly, I recommend trying on both types if you haven't already, because most people I've talked to either love or hate one or the other. It comes down to individual arm shape and preference. 

The 187s offer a tubular fit with a neoprene sleeve that envelopes the elbow, and elastic straps provide a flexible fit at the top (base of bicep) and bottom (top of forearm). The naturally soft bend in the design gives the arm a good hug that stays put without limiting mobility.

These run small- see the size chart for an estimate, but try on first before you buy, if possible.