Happy 608 Day! Posted on 08 Jun 14:30

Wow. Just over here recovering from a mega kickass weekend of roller derby at Brewcity Bruisers' Midwest Brewhaha 2015. Great job Dairyland Dolls! We worked hard, we had fun, we lost and we won, but most importantly we got stoked for what lies ahead and are ready to keep on MOOving up!

And speaking of stoke, I must thank my awesome parents. It was extra special to have my Dad there taking photos for not just our league, but volunteering to fill in for other leagues who were not able to bring a photographer along. Whatta guy! And also my Mom, who was only able to come on Sunday because the rest of her weekend was spent coaching her Special Olympics swim team at the WI State Summer Games in Stevens Point, where they won a Gold and Silver medal in two of their events!! Way to go Team Ozaukee, way to go Mom!

Many of my teammate friends are just getting back to work today. I wish you well. My Monday started early as I went back to work last night for my dispatch job. It's such a surreal feeling when you transition directly from a whistling, whirling, skating, hitting, laughing, screaming, mind-bendingly intense and just totally crazy roller derby tournament environment to, you know, sitting in a chair staring at a screen, possibly surrounded by people that don't even know or care to know what this "roller ball" thing is that you do. Thankfully I had an additional non-work screen to look at that was filled with love and pictures and happy reflections from all my friends, so that was nice. And so after my shift  I came home this morning to sleep, finally, but just couldn't shut my eyes when I realized that hey, today is 6/08!

I do wish I had something special planned to commemorate and celebrate with you all, but instead I spent the morning filling in this catalog over here with some more of the awesome products I'm here to provide you with, and then composing this post.

Big things are in the midst for 608 Skate, let me tell you. Ok, I can't exactly tell you, yet. But let me just say, I know I'm still a bit limited in how many products I'm able to offer right this moment, and especially limited in the way of having a SPACE in which to offer you these things... I hate that. Madison skaters, I see what other teams and leagues have on their feet and I WANT THAT FOR YOU. But don't worry, I'm working to defeat that limitation very, very soon. Every bit of support I've had and continue to receive from you all is just culminating into the next big leap over the apex, and I can't wait to get there but first I've got to do the WORK. (Life words, amiright?!)

So here's some stuff I have. Treat yo' self, and help a little skate shop get its wings, or walls actually.

Summer is here, and I've just restocked on Atom Pulse outdoor wheels and Rollerbones bearings- get some and GTF outside already!

Also newly added to the online store are Bones Reds (8mm and 7mm), Bones Swiss (8mm and 7mm), and the ever-essential Bones Speed Cream for any and all of the bearings you skate. Restocked the new favorite toe stops on the block- Bionic Super Stoppers, and stay tuned as I will be adding some more NEW items and some less-new things to the Clearance list as well.

Another Big Thing I did today was to finally enable online buying from 608skate.com. SO whomever pops that first-online-sale cherry for me is going to get a FREE GIFT as my way of saying Thanks on this numerically significant day. How 'bout that! Know what else? FREE SHIPPING for sales under $50, every day. Or you can just have me bring it to practice, if that works too.  I'm excited to see how this goes.  Bear with me, people! :) 

There are even more items in stock that I haven't gotten to cataloging just yet- more types of wheels, limited supply of R3 skates, etc.., so if you have any questions about what's available, please don't hesitate to email me at 608skateshop@gmail.com, send me a fb message, and/or just keep checking back here for updates.

 Life is great in the (608)!