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Here I am! Those of you that know me can appreciate how crazy it is that I'm jumping into the technological world, starting a shop, and running a website/blog/whatever. I have much learning and growing to do, but I am moving along as quickly as I'm able right now because the skating needs and wants of the 608 will not rest, and I want to keep all of you rolling! I'm grateful for all of you that have joined me on this path so far, and for your continued patience and support. Y'all are great.

If it matters to you, here's how it all began. I've loved roller skating since before I even got this walking and running thing down pat. Ice too. I was very fortunate to have a pond to skate on near my childhood home, and parents that taught me 1) how to get power to push a shovel and clear it off, and 2) how to be graceful and have fun like the stars I admired in the Olympics, and 3) falling is not the end of the world. Oh, and 4) do what you love, and you will never need to hunt for happiness.

Skating has given me an endless ocean of joy throughout my life, and the waves just keep crashing in. My plan is to use these opportunities I've been given to give back to skating; I want everyone I come in contact with to know that whatever problems you may be facing, whatever ailments have got you down, skating is a beautiful way to move forward through them, if you are so able. It's healthy low-impact exercise, it's meditative, it's social, it's challenging, and through all these qualities skating is super fun and relieves a ton of stress.

Now, roller derby may seem a lot more high-impact, and challenging, and maybe even stress-inducing at times- and it is- but that's the point. I've found that the more resistance, obstacles, even injuries come my way, the better skater and the stronger person I become. And if I can be my strongest self, maybe then I can use that privilege to help others that are in need of some uplifting.

This image was on a Mary Engelbreit  calendar I received as a holiday gift from my Mom, and it happened to be open to this page the very month that Mad Rollin' Dolls were formed (and I joined) in July 2004. It's still on my fridge today.


 Check out my catalog to see what products I can help you out with (lots more to come, I've barely begun to upload!) and contact me at if you have any questions about goods or services. Services? Yes. Along with regrooving wheels*, I am happy to examine your skates and offer repairs, tune-ups and upgrades where possible. Fees tbd by cost of parts, time invested, etc. Not only will I do my best to make sure your equipment is working for you, I want to help you put the most effective and efficient energy into your equipment, so you can skate your best. I specialize in speed skating technique and form, as well as various derby skills acquired over the past decade or so. Coaching in groups and individual lessons are available by appointment. Email for details.